Recommendation for Trailer Tires

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Recommendation for Trailer Tires

Postby Bob McKenzie » Tue Nov 21, 2017 1:01 pm

I'm still running on my original 2003 Goodyear marathons and since I plan on doing a lot more fishing next year I thought I should finally replace them this spring. These were great tires and I love the ride, they provided a lot of cushion on those hard impacts driving along the highway at 120km/h+. I'm looking for a replacement ST215/75 R14 with the same feel, good sidewall flex for a soft ride. My Marathons called for 55lbs which seemed to be the right inflation as I had no abnormal wear. I doubt I'll ever get this longevity out of a set of tires but I do keep them covered while in the driveway.

Any Recommendations will be greatly appreciated as well as what to stay away from. I've heard the Marathons from the last several years have been no good.


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