Gpool Results Q4

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Gpool Results Q4

Postby Sebastien Roy » Wed Aug 23, 2017 7:45 pm

If you want the results. They are below. But I would like to write something. I wanted and was asked to be part of the tournament committee 2 years ago. Sure it's just clubbies for some. But for most people, some take them seriously and want to learn and build friendship.

Dusan, Greg, Phil and Myself all joined to hopefully improve, correct and make sure the events are run with as much transparency as possible. At the end of the day, we want people to go home safely knowing that everything ran within set rules and had fun on a leveled playing field with rules enforced.

If your top busy to review team priors to the event and don't try to make contact with your boater or non. please let me know. We will make sure you are prioritized as solo. This also go for the details and certain rules put up before each event or directions. The rules were clearly stated prior to this event and it is not the first time we've had issues on this lake. This is why we declared every posted 10km zone on this lake, 10km zones legal or not.

With that said there are rules and no one is above them including the tournament committee. Safety first and showing the way to the next generation of anglers is what this federation is for. The decision to DQ teams was made on the water prior to weigh-ins. One mistake I made is letting those teams bring fish to the scale and should have been proactive on that.

1st Brian Gardy - Solo - 12.70lbs Big Fish3.10lbs
2nd Greg Butchart - Brian Rever - 11.35lbs
3nd Derek Ding - Danny Bevilacqua - 10.75lbs
4th Pino Maida - Santo Guastelluccia - 9.20lbs
5th Aaron Vella - Valerio Mastrella - 8.95lbs
6th Sebastien Roy - Solo - 7.70lbs
7th Bobby Guan - Anthony Bevilacqua - 5.80lbs
8th Matt Mastrella - Travis French - 4.85lbs
9th Russ Watkins - Mark Gomez - DQ
9th Darwin Wang - Jose Esposito - DQ
9th Paul Petraco - Paul Vella - DQ
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